June 29, 2022

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Dayspring Retreat Center is a mission of Dayspring Church, an ecumenical Christian community with shared leadership and a variety of ministries which include Wellspring Conference Center, a vibrant Earth Ministry, and much more.  You can learn more about Dayspring Church at www.dayspringchurchmd.org/.  Wellspring, the Conference Center at Dayspring, has a web site at www.wellspringconference.org.  Dayspring Earth Ministry has its own website at www.dayspringearthministry.org.  Overlook Retreat House (http://www.dayspringchurchmd.org/ministries/21) hosts individuals and very small groups for overnight retreats.  They can be reached at overlook.retreathouse@gmail.com   The Dayspring community actively opposes the proposed highway M-83, which would seriously compromise Dayspring as a resource for silence, prayer and contemplation, would destroy some of the most beautiful park land in Montgomery County, and would add a major new highway with minimal benefits to commuters.  You can learn about this road and ways to stop it and promote greener alternatives at tamecoalition.org.  The web site, and the TAME Coalition, was created and is maintained by a member of Dayspring Church.

The Church of the Saviour supports a web site called Inward/Outward at www.inwardoutward.org.  The Inward/Outward web site contains links to most of the many minsitries that have grown out of the Church of the Saviour.  The Servant Leadership School at The Festival Center, a mission of The Church of the Saviour, can be found at www.slschool.org.

The sister churches which have grown out of The Church of the Saviour are: Dayspring Church, Eighth Day Faith Community, Festival Church, Friends of Jesus Church, Jubilee Church, Lazarus Church, New Community Church (www.newcommunitychurchdc.org) and Seekers Church (www.seekerschurch.org).  More information about these churches and other faith communities within the Church of the Saviour diaspora can also be found at the Inward/Outward web site listed above.

On a retreat at Dayspring Joe Robbins made a slide show with music which he has made available: View slide show