April 25, 2017


June 23 - June 25, 2017


Theme:  SAYING YES TO GOD.  God said “Yes” to humanity by sending God’s son Jesus to live among us: to share the joys, trials, and sufferings of life; have a family and a group of committed friends to share life with; experience having a “job” and a ministry as teacher, preacher, healer; experience being tired, oppressed, betrayed.  Jesus was God’s Yes of love. God asks us to say Yes for in Jesus Christ “everything was Yes and Amen.” In silence and amid the beauty of summer, we’ll explore those places in our lives where God is calling us to consent to a better way, to enjoy the freedom of Yes, to nourish the questions in us—questions that are even tentative steps to Yes. What if we took God seriously and lived a life of Yes?

Leader: Rev. Fay C. Acker is the former Director of Spiritual Guidance and Pastoral Care at Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel at Howard University.  She is also a Parish Associate at Northminster Presbyterian Church.  Reverend Acker enjoys helping people discern their calling and pay attention to God’s presence, even God’s whispers.

Open Retreat.

Weekend retreats run Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. The silence begins Friday night after dinner when the leader opens the retreat and introduces the theme. The leader usually offers brief meditations with morning and evening prayers on Saturday. The silence ends late-morning Sunday with a time of sharing and worship, followed by lunch and departure.

The cost for weekend retreats is $210. To reserve a space, please send a $100 deposit with an application you can print from the application page, or pay on line by going to the application page and clicking on payment options.

Dinner on Friday at 7 pm is the first official gathering. You are welcome to arrive and settle in any time after 4 pm on Friday. The retreat will end by 2 pm on Sunday.  It is important that you come on a weekend when you can stay for the whole retreat.