June 7, 2020

Being Welcomed to the Table: A Weekend Retreat back

July 12 - July 14, 2019


desire the spiritual nourishment found in silence,
reflection, creativity and spiritual community, come
retreat with us, you are welcome at our table! Many of
the stories we know of Jesus involve food—the wedding
at Cana, the feeding of the 5,000, the banquet at Levi’s
house, the road to Emmaus and more. These stories
speak of Jesus’ values and way of being in the world.
They provide us with food for thought as we come away
together to explore the inclusiveness of Jesus; his
hospitality, his wisdom, his healing, and how he
welcomes all to the table!

Leader: Margot Eyring, Ph.D., spiritual director, retreat
leader and yoga instructor, is a former caterer and
currently cooks for about 50 housed and unhoused
friends every weekday morning in her Capitol Hill
neighborhood. She loves creating space to welcome
others to experience the wholeness found in
community around the table.

An Open Retreat.

Weekend retreats run Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. The silence begins Friday night after dinner when the leader opens the retreat and introduces the theme. The leader usually offers brief meditations with morning and evening prayers on Saturday. The silence ends late-morning Sunday with a time of sharing and worship, followed by lunch and departure.

The cost for weekend retreats is $235. To reserve a space, please send a $100 deposit with an application you can print from the application page, or pay on line by going to the application page and clicking on payment options.

Dinner on Friday at 7 pm is the first official gathering. You are welcome to arrive and settle in between 3:30 and 6:30 pm on Friday. The retreat will end by 2 pm on Sunday.  It is important that you come on a weekend when you can stay for the whole retreat.