June 29, 2022

Retreat Schedule

Self-Guided Retreat Days

Self-guided retreat days allow individuals to structure their own day retreat.  On these days up to six individuals are welcome to use the Lodge, in silence, between 9-5.  You are welcome to pray, read, walk etc. as you are led.  We ask that you bring a bag lunch and respect the other retreatants "aloneness with God" in the silence.  Reservations and full vaccination against COVID-19 are required.  The cost is $25; if you can't afford that pay what you are able.  Email Nat Reid at office@dayspringretreat.org to make your reservation.

August 2022

Self-Guided Retreat Day, Wednesday, August 3 August 3, 2022

September 2022

Self-Guided Retreat Day, Wednesday, September 14 September 14, 2022

October 2022

Self-Guided Retreat Day, Wednesday, October 19 October 19, 2022

November 2022

Self-Guided Retreat Day, Monday, November 28 November 28, 2022

December 2022

Self-Guided Retreat Day, Tuesday, December 13 December 13, 2022