January 28, 2022

Individual Retreats back


During April through October we have limited opportunities for individual retreats from 9 am to 5 pm.  Reservations are necessary.   

Individual retreats are self-guided silent retreats.  We only host one guest at a time.  Visitors use the Lodge (which has a sitting room, dining room and bathrooms) and have access to the beautiful Dayspring land.  Visitors bring a bag lunch and a water bottle.  

The cost is $35; if you can't afford that, pay what you are able.  If you would like to pay more any amount in excess of $35 will be counted as a tax deductible donation.

Pleas contact us by email (office@dayspringretreat.org) or phone (301-916-1131) to schedule a retreat -- again, reservations are necessary.

At this time we are not offering individual overnight retreats.  If you are interested in staying overnight we suggest you contact Overlook Retreat House, a sister ministry here at Dayspring.  You can learn more about Overlook here http://www.dayspringchurchmd.org/ministries/21, and you can contact them by emailing overlook.retreathouse@gmail.com.